Many people would be shocked to learn how often customers rent the wrong size storage unit. While we are sure to provide insight and guidance to our customers when they are making a decision about which to size to rent- customers oftentimes over or underestimate how much space they will really need. That’s why you should never hesitate to reach out to Trojan Storage site staff when deciding to rent a unit- or transfer to a larger or smaller unit at a later time.

Storage units range greatly in sizes- whether you’re in need of extra closet space for seasonal clothes or moving an entire five-bedroom home, there is a unit size for that! You rarely want to cram a lot in too small of a space. If these are the types of belongings that you are simply going to pack up, leave for an extended period of time, then come back for, then feel free to cram as much as you want in to your unit! If you are going to spend a lot of time at your unit picking particular things up and dropping them off- you are going to save yourself a lot of time by making hallways through the unit and organizing it in a convenient way so that you don’t waste time sorting through it all to find what you need. At the same time, you may have over estimated how much room those large awkward furniture pieces would take up and you are possibly paying for too much space that you don’t need- you can always transfer to a smaller unit.

We’ve compiled a handy list that will help you find the right size unit:

  • 5×5 Unit: A large closet. While a 5×5 is usually the smallest standard sized unit you can rent- you would be surprised at how much it can fit. Key word: stack! Take full advantage of the small space by stacking your labeled boxes high up and using more than just the floor to store. Some examples of what can go into this size are a dresser, mattress set, boxes, great for seasonal decorations, children’s toys, camping gear, clothing, office supplies, and more.

  • 5×10 Unit: A walk-in closet. This also includes 10×5 units which are wider rather than deep and perfect for storing things easily. This size is great for furniture from a one-bedroom apartment, studio apartment, dorm room, dressers, TV’s, bikes, outdoor equipment, couches, and similar sized items.
  • 5×15 Unit: A very long walk-in closet. This size is great for a large one-bedroom apartment including appliances like a washer, dryer, refrigerator, and patio furniture.

  • 10×10 Unit: An extra bedroom. This is the perfect size for a two-bedroom apartment (dressers, clothes, bed sets, night stands) along with kitchen and washer and dryer appliances.

  • 10×15 Unit: An extra garage. This size is great for three bedrooms and entire apartments or small homes. We also often recommend this size for business customers who may need to store large commercial items and retail inventory.

  • 10×20 Unit: An extra long garage. This is a good size for a 3-4 bedroom house or apartment including all large appliances, workout equipment, large dining room sets, etc. It is an ideal size to comfortably and conveniently store large appliances. We also recommend this size for business customers or vehicles.

  •  10×30 Unit: A large garage. You can fit the contents of a fully furnished 4-5 bedroom home or an extra large garage. This is an ideal size for a good sized home or for business owners to store a large amount of retail items or construction materials. This tends to be the largest standard unit size at most facilities. It’s great for most vehicles and boats.


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