How Do Storage Payments Work?

Trojan Storage provides several different monthly payment options for our customers: cash, credit, and check. There are multiple different ways to use these methods: online at, auto payment with a credit card on file, walk-in, or phone call (not recommended). We do not like charging late fees! If we had it our way, every… Read more

The Steps of a Storage Auction

*Feature image courtesy of Sparefoot* Since the glamorization of the self-storage auction through the hit show on A&E, Storage Wars, storage auctions have hit a new frontier. There have been stories of huge success with units hiding secret treasures, the guitars of famous rock stars, suitcases full of cash or the other extreme- units just… Read more

Prep Your RV For Winter

When you invest in an RV or trailer, you want to ensure that your new toy remains in tip top shape- rain, shine, or snow. If you aren’t taking your RV out for an off-season adventure, it’s important you take the measures to ensure its’ condition while you store it for winter. If you’re lucky,… Read more