Self Storage by the Numbers

The self storage industry in the United States has now reached $38 billion. What is it that is keeping up the need to grow the annual revenue of the industry? This infographic created by Rob Memery at 2Flow helps explain the constantly growing industry and if the new frontier may indeed be Europe. In Summary:… Read more

How To Survive A Storage Conference

Speaking as a veteran of storage conferences and often frequenting the ISS (Inside Self Storage), SSA (Self Storage Association), and CSSA (California Self Storage Association) conferences it took some trial and error to really get in the groove and do these conferences the right way. If you, or your company is spending the money to… Read more

Life as a Resident Manager

Dan Walsh, our Resident Manager at Trojan Storage of Crystal in Crystal, MN shares insight on what it’s like to live and work at his site: A feature of Trojan Storage that customers appreciate is the resident manager. Many Trojan Storage locations have an onsite manger that lives in an apartment on the property. This… Read more

Solar & Storage: A Match Made in Heaven

It’s no secret that the need for electric power has skyrocketed. This fact, along with the ups and downs of oil prices, and the heightening concern for the environment culminate an interesting argument for the sake of solar electricity. At Trojan Storage, we’re loving the solar life. Currently, our Trojan Storage Elk Grove, Colorado Springs,… Read more