When purchasing a new home, moving can be one of the most expensive parts of the transition. If you want your move to be done correctly, you’re going to have to hire professional movers, rent/buy equipment, buy packing materials, take time off work, and pay for gas for transportation. At the end of the day, this can add up to a small fortune.

There is an easier way though!

If you take advantage of free labor from your friends while hiring professional movers to transport and pack your larger belongings in a truck, you can save a ton of money. You get the best of both worlds- free labor and professional moving services while spending the least amount of money.

So how do you do it?

You will have to do three things:

First: With the help of your friends, pack and move your small to medium sized belonging to convenient areas of your home for the professional movers. Here a resource that can tell you what to expect when moving with your friends.

Second: Hire professional movers to move larger and bulky items. To do the job quickly and correct, without damaging your furniture and yourself, movers are always a great idea. Be sure to do some research on the moving company so that you know your belongings and home are in good hands with a reputable source. The movers will also transport your small and medium sized belongings to your destination.

Third: Have your friends help you unpack and organize your home.

Step One

Allow yourself plenty of time and ask your friends to arrive at your house the morning of, or the day before moving day. Pack all of your small items in boxes and make sure to label each box’s location. This is also a great time to use extra packing materials (bubble wrap, newspaper, glass dividers) to section off your fragile and valuable items.

Pro Tip: Make sure to pack and label each room separately. Do this, so when you’re unpacking your moving truck it’s easy to find the appropriate location for those boxes.

When you have finished packing your smaller items, it’s time to move your small to medium sized furniture. Small to medium furniture consists of chairs, end tables, small dressers, shelves, and any easy to take apart Ikea furniture. Once you have finished packing these items, move them to areas that are convenient for the professional movers to get around.

Step Two

Once you have finished moving your small items out of the way, you are ready for the professional movers. With your small to medium sized items out of the way, the movers can get right to work and waste very little time. When the movers arrive, show them the large and bulky items that are left to pack. They will then wrap and move large items inside the moving truck. With the smaller items already ready to move, the movers can use them to fill in open space that will usually go to waste. Since everything is ready to move, the movers spend less time packing, thus you save the maximum amount of money! When you arrive at your destination have the movers move the large and bulky items to the appropriate location. At the same time, have them move your small to medium sized items into one room.

Step Three

You’re on the home stretch now, all you have to do is unpack and rebuild your small and medium sized objects. Once the professional movers have finished moving your items in their appropriate locations, invite your friends over once again to finish putting everything in place. It helps to begin by organizing and rebuilding medium sized furniture first. Once your furniture is rebuilt, it’s a simple as organizing your small items and finding the perfect spot for them. If you followed the pro tip and labeled your boxes this step takes almost no time.

How Does This Process Save You Money?

By prepping the move and pre-packing many items prior to the move, with easy locations to unpack those items- the movers will spend the minimum amount of time moving and packing. You will also get the benefit of hiring professional movers, that understand all aspects of the moving process.

The last thing you have to do is figure out where you want to spend all that money you saved. I would recommend vacationing in Vancouver Canada.

Written by: Our Friends at  Good Movers Moving. Located in Vancouver Canada.

  1. Chris Lance

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  3. Elizabeth

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  4. Derek Dewitt

    My wife and I are getting ready to move but we don’t know how to go about packing all our stuff. I like that you suggest having friends help you pack the house up and saving the larger furniture for a company. I doubt my friends want to haul heavy couches so we’ll most likely get movers to help us. Thanks for sharing! http://eaglemoverstx.com/residential-and-commercial-moving/

    1. Lauren Gronna

      Thanks for sharing your experience Derek! We definitely agree- it can be difficult to round up friends to help move. But even if one is willing to let you borrow their pickup truck it’s a win! Offering an incentive of lunch always helps too 🙂 (and is a cheaper alternative).