Does your house go bump in the night? Every so often when we are home alone we get the bone chilling sensation after hearing a creak in our house that we’ve never heard before. Perhaps we hear a shrill, spooky noise coming from the attic or footsteps down the stairs. Our mind begins to race to extreme situations of what the noise could possibly be coming from. Do not fear, often when we hear these noises and strange things occurring, it can mean that your living space just needs some proper maintenance! These are all tips and tricks to keep your home spook free and can also apply to your storage unit! When storing items or doing routine maintenance on your home, be sure to watch out for these spooky red flags.

Clicking, Whistling, Knocking, and Clanking

Not spooky ghosts, probably of the following:

  • Sometimes these sounds can occur in the fall or winter when you are turning on your heat for the first time. The home can sometimes expand and contract with the temperature change.
  • The shingles on the roof of a home may creak when hit with direct sunlight.
  • Squeaky stairs? They may need to be tightened down when their treads come loose from their stringers.
  • Whistling noises? You may have a noisy furnace- sometimes the cold metal of the furnace ducts will rattle and whistle when hot air rushes through.




Mysterious Bubbling

Do you ever hear a strange bubbling and popping noise? This is most likely one of the two:

  • Your water heater can occasionally have sediment settled at the bottom of the tank. When the water heats, the sediment pops and bubbles. If you drain your water heater of sediment, this tends to help.
  • You also may have a gurgling drain problem. Sometimes after showering, or using the toilet or sink, you may here strange bubbling noises. This is most likely the result of a blocked drain or vent pipe. Often times, a mixture of dirt and grease can build up in the drains and plumbing and cause the water to drain slowly.


Scratching and Sniffing

Hate to break it to you, but if you hear these noises it is most likely the tiny fingernails or teeth of a rodent in your house. If there is any means of entry into your house, a little critter will definitely find their way. Fix this by setting a few traps, calling an exterminator, and making sure that all cracks and holes are sealed up tight. If you have this problem in your storage unit, you need to tell the facility manager right away. Other signs of these critters can entail small droppings and bites and holes in your clothing, boxes and other belongings. Sometimes you may hear a heavier type of footstep that sounds like a man in your attic, this usually means that it is just a bigger critter (squirrel or racoon) running around on your roof. Make sure your rafters and roof vents are covered with screens and in good shape!


Burning Smell

If you ever smell the scent of something burning in your home and there is no smoke nor are the smoke detectors going off, this could be an issue with your fireplace. Occasionally there will be a draft from your chimney- outside air is infiltrating your chimney, bringing the burnt fire smell.

If you have a guest bedroom that you rarely use, you may sometimes sense a methane-sulfur smell coming from the sink or shower drain. To avoid this smell from your drains, run the water once every week or so so that the sewer gas fumes leave your drain. Without much use, water evaporates from your drains, leaving the gases to build up and waft through the room.


Groaning and Clattering

These strange sounds can occur when a window is blowing hard against your windows or there is a storm brewing outside. It could also mean that your air conditioner needs immediate attention. This sound from your air conditioning could many several different things (air leak, refrigerant leak, a loose piece, fan handler error, etc.)- if you are unaware of what it could be, it’s best to call a repairman for a second look.


Lingering Fishy Aroma

The obvious question: have you cooked fish in your house recently? Get rid of this kitchen odor by boiling 2 cups of water, 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda, and a lemon peel (This Old House). Otherwise, this smell could come from a mouse or rat that may have perished in your home (call a pest inspector), an electrical outlet melting inside the wall (overloaded circuit), melting plastic light covers if a lamp bulbs are too high of a wattage, something leaking and leaving residue, or even an overheating ceiling fan- Check your ceiling fixtures!!


Musty Basement

Spooky- also smelly! If your cellar smells like mildew it is most likely damp. Try to run a dehumidifier or mix several drops of tea-tree oil (mold killer) with either rubbing alcohol or cheap vodka and spray it on anything musty.


Get to the bottom of these strange sounds and smell as soon as possible! Odds are, your house isn’t haunted it’s just in need of some love and TLC!


Written By: Lauren Gronna, Advertising Coordinator