We’ve all possessed particular belongings in our life that have held a special place in our heart. These belongings could be something that were earned, created by us, given to us, or bought that we don’t want to let go of for one reason or another. There comes another point in our life where we look at these precious belongings and question whether it’s worth paying a monthly storage rent for them, keeping them around to clutter up the garage, or if they are something we may actually be able to part ways with. Whether you’re debating on keeping the items around to see if they’re worth anything one day, or just can’t decide if they’re determined clutter or not, we made a list to help you out!

Side note: If you’re looking to get rid of items quickly, there are many great apps to de-clutter and make money. You simply make a profile, mark your location, and post pictures of your belongings with the associated prices and people will make bids on them- easy! All of the apps are location based so that it targets people in your city that can easily come pick the items up. Another added bonus is that there are all types of categories of items being sold- whether you want to sell a dress, Halloween decorations, or even a car, there may be someone looking for it. Check them out on the app store by searching LetGo or Close5.

1. Clothing

It’s always a good feeling to spring clean your closet and get rid of clothing items you’ve had forever- plus having room to buy new things is always great too. But it can be hard to let go of that favorite trendy jacket you splurged on in high school that you wouldn’t be caught dead in now. Good news! Trends come and go faster than you can say Summer Spotted Sundress Sale, so chances are that trendy jacket could come back in style next month. Proof of the reoccurring trend is seen with the classic denim jacket and high-waisted “mom” jeans. Donate the everyday items you wear less than once every 6-8 months and keep those timeless items you just don’t want to get rid of.  A lot of clothing items can also acquire value over time, thing original band/ concert t-shirts, vintage screen tees, and more. These items could also make for great hand-me-downs to friends and family who could be interested too. Example, who knew my grandma’s homemade ugly Christmas sweaters that I used to complain about would be in such high demand years down the line. Rather than get rid of the clothes that you’ve bought over the years, maybe throw them in a container and leave them in your storage unit. A few years down the line and you might be happy you kept them around!


2. Beanie Babies

We all thought we were going to strike it rich with Beanie Babies. Now we’re all stuck with boxes of them in our attic. What are Beanie Babies really worth? While the future projections for beanie babies was definitely overestimated, their current value may still be worth more than you paid for them. In order to even consider the resale of your Beanie Babies, you must first check the tags, verify that they are the original and are in great shape, and consider using the plastic label protectors to preserve them. The Beanie Baby itself must have no signs of wear and tear as well. Next, check to see if you own any of the ultra-rare beanies, this includes first generation, limited-run Teddy Bears, and a few other hard-to-find ones. You can also Google the ones that you own and see if they are being auctioned at a decent price. Here are several that are going for a heft amount and here is a good guide to refer to on the condition they need to be in.



3. Trading Cards

Like Beanie Babies, many of us also went through a phase of collecting trading cards that we thought might make us rich one day. Whether it’s collecting original sporting cards, Pokémon cards, or something of the nature, chances are we have a folder with plastic sheets filled with cards in storage or in our attic.Pokémon cards: After doing some research on these over the years, it seems like the bidding of good condition cards can range from $30 – $400 depending on the rarity. There are several sites that are still used to buy and sell these cards. You can use them as a reference for how much you could sell yours for: Professor-oak.com and trollandtoad.com. Sports Cards: It looks as though there is also still lucrative business in buying and selling sporting cards too. Sites like Dave & Adams, and Kruk Cards will be entire collections from anyone. They also will purchase certain memorabilia off of you as well.


4. Trophies & Memorabilia

Should you keep or no? This is purely a personal decision that only you can ultimately make. Over the years we accumulate spelling bee awards, sports trophies, certifications, etc. there are many ways to preserve these memories and special times without keeping the physical awards around. You can collect photos of the trophies, make a blanket with your jerseys, or even a framed collage with your sports team photos. There may be a few medals and trophies with higher sentimental value that you take pride in and wish to keep around- no shame in that! Sports memorabilia tends to be a bit different. If you caught a foul ball from your favorite professional baseball team, that’s something you’re going to want to hold on to! And if you don’t want to hold on to it, I’m sure it could be worth some money (Ebay!).


5. Furniture

Tables, couches, chairs, etc. can be more expensive to store due to the amount of space they take up. Therefore, unless they are of intrinsic value to you (your grandpa’s antique couch, your childhood dresser, your child’s first crib) or you’re waiting until you have more space, it probably makes sense to donate, sell or gift the furniture elsewhere. A great idea with old furniture is to re-purpose it. Give it a new paint job, reupholster the leather, or give it a total makeover, and it feels like a completely new piece. Dining room sets, tables, and chairs can last forever if you take good care of them where couches, sofas, and rugs might not last as long due to standard wear and tear.

In the situation that you are looking to store your furniture, speak with the manager at the storage facility prior and they can provide invaluable advice on how to store it and which size will work best for what you want to store. You’d be amazed at how often customers rent a unit that is much too big for what they need, or much too small. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! If you simply need advice on how to keep your furniture in tip top shape while long term storing, look no further and how to prep your couch? At the end of the day, we live in an age with technology and the world at our finger tips. If we don’t need something, getting rid of it is as simple as taking a picture of the household object, posting it on an app, and contacting someone to purchase it from you.


6. Coins

It isn’t uncommon that you or someone you know has an extensive coin collection that has been passed down for years. People will commonly collect interesting or valuable coins that hold a high intrinsic or monetary value. If you come across an old coin collection that you’ve had in storage for years, there are several ways of telling the value of the coins. The best way to tell the true value of a coin is through a professional coin dealer to determine the value accurately. There are many ways of going online and researching the value of the coin through the date, history, denomination, the condition, the metal value, and the scarcity of the coin. There are many coin clubs and newsletters to determine value and receive updates on the value of particular coins too. You may even have some of these rare coins in your pocket! Here’s a good starting guide to what makes a penny worth thousands of dollars.


7. Documents- Stamps, old newspapers, political propaganda, ticket stubs

When there is a particular event that is important in history and has had an impact on shaping our world and culture, we often collect items that relate to these influences. Take for example postage stamps from the Civil War, newspapers from September 11th, original photos from Pearl Harbor, etc. These items are priceless and contain pieces of our history that we should do our best to preserve. Often times, these pieces of history get passed down from generation to generation, therefore you may have ended up with some items like this. Other examples of collectibles worth some serious value are Advertising items from the 19th– early 20th centuries, tin toys and early board games prior to 1920, quality political campaign items, Western expansion and Wild West photographs, posters, and documents, etc. There are many ways of getting your historical items appraised. The best bet of honest appraisal is taking your items to a professional who knows the industry well. Heritage Auctions is a great resource that will tell you all you need to know on the worth of your items and they best place to sell them.


8. Instruments

Typically, if you’ve held on to an instrument for a long period of time, it holds sentimental value to you. If you get to the point where the memories of this particular instrument do not outweigh the space it takes up, it can be hard to figure out the difference between the value you place on the beloved instrument, and how much it might be worth to the rest of the world. To best determine the value of your instrument, you may have to pay a fee to visit an appraiser for accuracy. If not, you can do self-research by checking markings on the original case, etchings on the instrument, or a note from the manufacturer or year it was created. Take this information and perform an online search to see what information you can find. Once you have gathered the information on your instrument, formulate a price range for negotiation to post it online. Here is a great article that gives advice on every step of the instrument selling process and how to best prepare it.


9. Game Consoles/ Electronics

It may be due to the fact that these games provide nostalgia from times when we were younger, but old games and consoles can be sold for a great amount of money lately. Usually only very rare types of gaming consoles will sell for upwards of a couple thousand dollars. However, your old video game consoles could possible sell for a couple hundred dollars (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Sega, etc). There are many trade-in or buyback vendors who will typically offer less than the private market value- this tends to be the quickest option. You could try to sell a game on Ebay, Craigslist, and similar websites to an individual in order to make a higher profit.


10. Appliances- Refrigerators, freezers, washers & driers

If you move, downsize, or for some reason don’t need your old appliances, it can be good to keep them around for a few years before letting them go. You’d be surprised how you might need these appliances again for the future, maybe for your children to take to college, a guest home, gift them to a friend or family member, and much more. It is also becoming more common to buy apartments and homes that are already equipped with the appliances you need, therefore you might not need the appliances from your last place. The main reason for keeping appliances is that bottom line, they’re expensive! Once you purchase a refrigerator, washer, dryer, or freezer, it loses value immediately and they can be difficult to sell once used. You never will make a profit on these appliances and they can be very expensive to purchase in the first place. Several companies will allow you to drop off old appliances too and some may even take them away for free. However, no major store will outright buy used appliances. Best Buy, Costco, Lowe’s, Sears, and Home Depot will take your used appliances for free or up to $15. Otherwise, you can attempt to sell them online on places like Craigslist and Ebay but you most likely won’t get more than $100 depending on the condition of the appliance.









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