How to Store your Couch

Why do you need to put your couch in storage? You may be downsizing a home or going away for a while and need a place to put it for the move. Often times, people don’t realize that the furniture in their home is taking up a lot of room- storing some of your furniture… Read more

Relocation Pros and Cons List

Tough financial times, high prices of real estate, job opportunities, family and friends- we all have had a reason to consider whether to relocate is worth our time or not. There are many factors that go into the decision process when choosing to uproot ourselves and everything we own. Sometimes, we just crave a change… Read more

Life as a Resident Manager

Dan Walsh, our Resident Manager at Trojan Storage of Crystal in Crystal, MN shares insight on what it’s like to live and work at his site: A feature of Trojan Storage that customers appreciate is the resident manager. Many Trojan Storage locations have an onsite manger that lives in an apartment on the property. This… Read more

The Ultimate Cleaning Guide

The weather is warm and we have that summer energy kicking into high gear. What better time to tidy up your living space? There is so much that goes into routinely keeping your home in tip top shape- sometimes we even forget to really clean certain spots. We’ve compiled a household cleaning timeline that can… Read more

Top 5 Moving Apps

Recently faced with the realization of my lease ending at the end of summer, I looked around my apartment and was surprised at how much my roommates and I had acquired over the past year. I’ve been dreading the thought of having to pack everything up again, but I’ve started thinking of different ways I… Read more

About Trojan Storage

Trojan Storage was founded in 2007 by current CEO and USC business school graduate, Brett Henry. Since the first facility opened in Rancho Cucamonga in 2007, Trojan Storage has acquired and built 16 total locations in California, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, and Ohio. Trojan Storage also manages 3 other facilities in the Los Angeles area, BA… Read more

Apartment Move Out Checklist

You never truly realize how much stuff you have until you move out. Items that you forgot existed will surface from the daunting depths of your dresser. You’ll find that missing shoe under your bed, and if you’re smart you won’t lift up your couch cushions. Most people are surprised with all of the things… Read more