The Steps of a Storage Auction

*Feature image courtesy of Sparefoot* Since the glamorization of the self-storage auction through the hit show on A&E, Storage Wars, storage auctions have hit a new frontier. There have been stories of huge success with units hiding secret treasures, the guitars of famous rock stars, suitcases full of cash or the other extreme- units just… Read more

Self Storage by the Numbers

The self storage industry in the United States has now reached $38 billion. What is it that is keeping up the need to grow the annual revenue of the industry? This infographic created by Rob Memery at 2Flow helps explain the constantly growing industry and if the new frontier may indeed be Europe. In Summary:… Read more

Kitchen Storage Solutions

There is nothing quite like a neat and tidy kitchen space. There are many factors that may contribute to a cluttered kitchen space that can seem unavoidable- but it may not be as hard as you think! Whether you are trying to figure out how to make more room in your kitchen for family during… Read more

Prep Your RV For Winter

When you invest in an RV or trailer, you want to ensure that your new toy remains in tip top shape- rain, shine, or snow. If you aren’t taking your RV out for an off-season adventure, it’s important you take the measures to ensure its’ condition while you store it for winter. If you’re lucky,… Read more

How To Survive A Storage Conference

Speaking as a veteran of storage conferences and often frequenting the ISS (Inside Self Storage), SSA (Self Storage Association), and CSSA (California Self Storage Association) conferences it took some trial and error to really get in the groove and do these conferences the right way. If you, or your company is spending the money to… Read more